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Spreading Compassion to Create a More Peaceful, Loving and Spiritually Abundant World!

Collaborating for the Joy of Healing &

Learning, and Realizing our Dreams

"Seven Holistic Practices for Harmonious Living, A Self-Healing Journey to Freedom" 

eBook & Paperback copies now available on and

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Join us on our healing journey to create a world where everyone thrives! 

If you wish to stay in touch so we can keep you informed of our progress, please email Kyung

If you are gifted in Web/Mobile Application Software Design & Development and/or in Graphic design/Marketing service and are interested in joining our DSA Project Team, please email Kyung.  Thank you!

Our goal is to help as many people as possible to experience an improved state of mind, health and wellbeing through Holistic Arts practice so we can help more people experience joy and compassion. Join us and add your divine spark to the fire.  Our membership is Free and our services are offered through Gift exchange so that donations of any amount in the form of money (debit/credit card), electronic gift certificates are accepted with gratitude.  Join us and share your story!