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Starting up Gift Exchang​e Meetup, a Pilot project to Test the concept

This meetup is free for those who wish to exchange their gifts or talents with others and to express the gift card categories or brands that ​they are willing to accept in exchange.  It will be a brown bag lunch meeting to share your gift/talent offerings and to request an exchange.   You will not be obliged to accept a request and can let the requester know, only if you choose to accept it.  If you do not hear the response within 24 hours, you can assume that your request was not accepted and may choose to make a new request.

Our intention is to invite all holistic healing arts practitioners first (Phase I) and later other holistic arts practitioners (Phase II), teachers as well as  those who are interested in starting the practice and to help them connect with other divine sparks and have fun in learning about each others gifts & talents, and if we choose, to express our needs & desires also. 

 At this time only English will be used as a spoken language for the meetup.

RSVP required to reserve your spot.  Registration will close 24 hours before each meeting.