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Gift Ticket Swap Meetup 

Monday, September 2nd, 2019 10:30am-11:45am

Peaceful Warrior Yoga Studio ~ 12221 Riata Trace Parkway, Suite #150, Austin, TX 78727

This meetup is for you if you are a holistic arts practitioner or interested in starting a practice and  you wish to swop your gifts or talents with others in exchange for other gift tickets or gift cards that you need or desire.   Space is limited and RSVP is required.

How it works:

1.  Once you RSVP, you will receive the links to help create your Gift Tickets and specify your needs & desires for the swap or exchange.  

2. Browse through the other gift ticket providers and their gift tickets available for exchange & Request an exchange or swap.   If we find a match for potential swap/exchange partner, notification will be sent to your phone or email and you can then Request an exchange or Swap.

3. Once you accept the the request for Swap or a proposal for exchange, you will receive the Gift Ticket or Gift card by email.  For gift cards from the retail businesses will need to be purchased and emailed to your swap partner individually.

At the Gift Ticket Swap meeting, you will get a chance to share your gift/talent offerings along with your needs & desires, if you choose to share them, and to request a swap or propose an exchange.   

No one will be obliged to share their needs & desires nor to request a swap nor to accept a request.   

One can let the requester know, only if one chooses to accept it. 

 If we do not hear the response within 24 hours, we can assume that our request was not accepted and may want to make a new request.

Our intention is to reach as many holistic arts practitioners as possible, both beginners and experienced, to share their gifts & talents with others and to help them meet their needs and desires at the same time all the while having fun!

RSVP required to reserve your spot and to prepare for the gift ticket offering.  

Registration will close 48 hours before the meeting.  



1. Introduction

2. $100 Gift Ticket offering  

​(Description of the gift ticket with quality & quantity of your gift or talent offering with $100 value)

3. $300 or $500 Gift Ticket offering

(Description of your gift ticket with quality & quantity of your gift or talent offering with $300 or $500 value)

4. Q & A