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Spreading Compassion to Create a More Peaceful, Loving and Spiritually Abundant World!

Collaborating for the Joy of Healing &

Learning, and Realizing our Dreams

Seagan Yi-O'Kelly

Aikido Instructor

The way that Aikido is practiced develops skill and confidence in our ability to interact with our practice partners. This interaction becomes an excellent metaphor for the complexity of our interactions outside the dojo. As in life change is constant on the mat so we learn to focus and read each other's intentions moment by moment in the same way that we do automatically when catching a bouncing ball. The role of Aikido in the modern world and as a martial way is that of harmonizing with others and neutralizing conflict in a way that is not harmful to oneself or anyone else. This attitude and philosophy if properly employed can be of great benefit to both the aikidoka and those around them, a way of overcoming confrontation without becoming confrontational.

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