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Divine Spark Allies (DSA) Terms of Service

Last modified:  September 30th, 2019

*** Please note that the content is a work in progress and for the purpose of prototype only.***


Thanks for completing our Membership Survey Questionnaires.  Your information and feedback will help in developing the DSA Gift Ticket Swap Application Product.  The Surveys are provided by Holistic Healing & Yoga LLC (dba “DSA”), located at 14000 Sherri Berry way, Manor, TX 78653, United States.

By completing our Survey Questionnaires, you are agreeing to these terms.  Please feel free to ask questions by email. 

If you have come to this page from purchasing screen for either a DSA gift ticket or HHY program package, and if you are interested, you can complete DSA Membership Questionnaires for Gift Provider/Swapper here.  As a Gift Provider/Swapper, your membership is 100% Free and you may purchase and swap/exchange DSA Gift Tickets offered on our website and you can specify your needs & desires in terms of gift categories or specific gift ticket or gift card brands.   When you refer a DSA members, you will receive one of the Referral Bonus Options of your choice.

As a DSA Group Member organization, your membership is 100% Free, just like DSA Gift Providers, to set up your organization's Gift Tickets on DSA platform and allow DSA members to purchase your gift tickets and exchange through our platform. Unlike Gift provider members, your organization will NOT be subject to any commission charge by DSA on sales of your Gift Tickets. The 100% of the proceeds from the sale of your group's gift ticket less credit/debit card fees will be paid to your group's account.   However, the needs & desires may only be specified by an Individual member and the Referral Bonus is awarded only to the individual members, and not to groups.

Proposed Deal for Gift Ticket Provider/Swapper Members 

  1. We will set up your Gift Ticket Profile on DSA webpage based on the information you provide by completing the questionnaires.  
  2. And if you choose to provide your needs and desires in terms of Gift Ticket categories and/or specific Gift card brand names that you choose to accept in exchange for your gift tickets, we will use that information to promote your Gift Tickets through marketing & advertising campaigns and through social media.  Even if you choose not to provide your needs and desires, we will still promote your gift tickets.
  3.  If a client purchases your Gift Tickets through DSA website, in addition to the transaction fees that are charged by the credit/debit card processing companies,  you will be charged 3% commission by DSA on the value of the Gift Tickets sold through DSA website.    The 3% commission charged by DSA will be withheld immediately on point of sale and the balance remaining after the transaction processing charges will be sent to either your Paypal or Venmo account.
  4. In the event that  you choose to accept the client's exchange proposal to exchange or swap your Gift ticket with the client's gift ticket or gift card that will be purchased by the client for you, the 3% commission on the value of your gift ticket will be charged to your DSA account and the balance will accumulate until such time when sufficient quantity of your Gift Tickets are sold on DSA website so that you will never have to pay 3% commission out of your own funds.    
  5.  Whenever you refer a new DSA Gift provider/swapper member, as soon as (s)he swaps or exchanges his/her gift ticket, you will receive one of Referral Bonus of your choice

Email [email protected] with any questions or concerns.